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Rense and Mary Miller fell in love in the 60's. We decided to get married but first we thought let's take our honeymoon. So on our way back from British Columbia we decided to get hitched. This pic is the only one we have in Canada.
Kids in the 60's
Kids along the way


Flower Chidren free to play at the beach all day.
At the "Lords Land" in 1980. This was a great time of friends and family love. Not so free now. This part of our life was really a challenge but we learned alot. We lived in a dome for about 6 months during the winter.
Mary and I relaxing at a B & B.
This is the kind of photo that you are so glad you took. Dressing them up and getting them to stand still is a monunment achievement but worth it.
Dave and Tonda
Tim, Jenett. Jacob, and Adalyn
Amelia, Julie, Isaac, and Scott
Allen and Sarah
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"My Brother The Snail "
A movie we made 8 mm when the kids were younger.
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